Sunday, June 09, 2013

How Truly Sweet

Sing to me when the daylight fades like an old friend reminiscing.
A song that gently stirs in me a truth I've long been missing.

The beauty of your sacrifice that settles in my soul,
The sweetness of your grace that whispers, "In me, you are whole."

The bittersweet reminders of the price of being free.
The lengths that you would go to for the cost of loving me.

The quiet resignation to your presence in each day.
Fills my cup, lifts me up, gives me hope to find my way.

How your mercy falls like Heaven's rain and washes clean my slate.
For the day when face to face we'll meet, my wandering heart can't wait.

Now take this heart in need of mending,
All the wounds that I've been tending,

Take away my selfish pride,
And find me when I run and hide.

Show me all that waits for me,
When I return on bended knee.

And I will seek you in the valleys, exalt you in the heights.
Sing your praise when the sun shines bright, cling to you in the darkest nights.

And on that day when last we meet,
My soul will sing, "How truly sweet,"

To meet my Savior face to face,
And rest in His unfailing grace.

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